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A Manager's Co-pilot.

A modern manager's toolbox for 1-on-1s, feedback, recognition, and goals that your team will love to use.

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A complete toolbox for managers.

We take the workflows managers love and super-charge them. Better 1-on-1s with your team, check-ins, performance reviews, praise, feedback and goals.

Smart suggestions based on real data.

Fellow is powered by data. We connect to the tools you already use to learn about your work and to offer personalized recommendations to fuel your team's growth.

Best practices from top companies.

The top companies in the world and the best coaches have informed the way we've built Fellow and the science behind the smart suggestions delivered to you in real-time.

Check-ins and 1-on-1s.

Great managers hold regular check-ins with their team. We give you a powerful tool to plan your 1-on-1s collaboratively, take notes in real-time, have a conversation powered by smart suggestions and follow up on action items so the ball is never dropped.

Form strong bonds between teammates and direct-reports and create a highly engaged team.

Just-in-time feedback.

Top performing organizations rejoice in an environment of continuous feedback. Fellow's smart suggestions and modern approach to sending and responding to feedback both on the web and through Slack will promote a growth mindset and help you take your team and organization to the next level.

Your work story.

Whether it's peers giving each other recognition for their hard work and impact, the history of an employee at the company, or current and past status updates, we are the story of everyone on your team in one place.

Create a positive culture with shoutouts, encourage excellence with constant feedback and check-ins and let your workplace shine.

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